Captain of the day for Venture: Karina
Mate: Oscar
Navigator: Natalie
Port of departure: Nanny Cay
Final Destination: Monkey Point
This morning we woke up at 7 to “Circle of Life” from the Lion King in Nanny Cay. The scuba divers (including the fun divers and the people just recently certified) were on the diver boat at 8 and headed to Rainbow Canyon and Angel Fish Reef to dive.
While divers were out, the non divers took a truck tour around Tortola.They stopped for smoothies and took pictures of the amazing views along the tour.
After the divers got back, most of us took one last fresh water shower before Nanny Cay. We sailed for 3 and a half hours during which we listened to music and took lots of action pictures. We also practiced various sailing maneuvers and learned how to do a Man over Board drill. We anchored at Monkey point and jumped off the boat for a quick swim and float before we took showers.
Bryce and Josh both did tricks and flips off the boat! Kathleen prepared an amazing dinner of sweet and sour chicken. After dinner, Meg came over for a bioluminescence lesson.  We stirred the water with the boat hook to watch the biolum glow! Oscar jumped in and flutter kicked around so the rest of us could see them light up! We had a quick boat meeting and spent the night on deck.

Today we did a great job of posing for our photoshoot
We need to work on volunteering for jobs while we are sailing
Quote of the day: “that scuba tank wouldn’t feel very good on your face” Matt
Miracle Moment: First open water dive for all newly certified and previously certified divers
Don’t forget out professional photographers Armando Jenik and Yachtshots BVI!Armando Jenik: