July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than to sleep in! The sun had climbed higher in the sky than in previous mornings by the time we peeled our eyes open to greet the day. We found ourselves surrounded by the smooth waters at Mountain Point. Inflatable fish, turtles, and dolphins were tossed into the water for floating relaxation after a late breakfast. The focus of the morning was to spend time with one another, feeling happy just to be in the presence of such new and good friends.

Then, the time came to release our hold on the bottom of the bay and to turn our stern to the wind to head towards Trellis Bay where we would meet all the other fleets for the 4th of July fireball party! As night drew its veil around us, the hollow metal orbs were stuffed with firewood and set alight! Silhouetting the carvings in the shell. Bringing heat and light to our smiling faces. Friends across fleets danced together to the music put on by our very own DJ “Per Bear” one of our land operation managers.

Laughter and dancing carried us away into the night of celebration. Smiling until our heads rested upon our pillows.

Hey Parents: It’s Day 10! Time for another student check-in! We sat down with the two crews from the Alpha 1 adventure to ask them…What will you remember from your time so far with Sail Caribbean? Here’s what they had to say!
Galilee Crew:

Scuba Diving!!
Cooper Island Beach Club Icecream
Learning how to sail

Watersports and Poparazzi
Being at the helm
Small Boat Sailing

Socials with other boats
Bitter End Day!
Night Dive!!


Venture Crew:

Scuba diving for the first time ever!
Inside jokes
Boat showers

The views
Scuba and sailing instructors that are awesome!

P.S. Stay tuned for photos of the Fourth of July event posted within this update later tonight!