June 30, 2016

Lines again littered the morning air today! This time the skipper of the day played with staggering and delaying commands to the dock hands in order to achieve pivoting effects that would ease the difficulty of de-docking. Nanny Cay Marina is a small and colorful nook cut into the edge of Tortola that is often packed with boats maneuvering in the tight spaces. Our boats practiced driving forward on lines while they were still attached to the dock, snubbing them at the last minute, and watching as the bow slid perfectly into the negative spaces between docked boats.

Long before the sun reached its zenith in the sky’s archway, we were moored again at Cooper Island. Divers, old and new, departed from our vessels and delved further into their training. Open Water divers continued with their confined water dives and skill training before departing for the open water on the backside of Ginger Island. It was here also that discover scuba divers joined the Open Water divers in their underwater endeavors, floating along the ambiguous line between man and aquatic creature.

When they returned from their dives, they rejoined the crews and we all enjoyed a quiet night onboard. Playing games and sharing our highlights from the day’s journey.