written by mate, Andrew Dyer
June 25
, 2018

Day 3 started with a tray of yummy loaded eggs to fuel up the students for continued dive train for the Open Water students and multiple sailing lessons that lead to a circumnavigation sail around Cooper Island for the rest of the crew.

Students practiced tacking and raising their main sail, unfurling their jib sails and were also introduced to downwind sailing. These students will need professional sailing gloves soon — they are getting so good.

The afternoon consisted of shore time at the Cooper Island Beach Club, where everyone enjoying stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, relaxing in the Caribbean sun and eating some homemade ice cream at the local coffee shop.

The crews then created some delicious pasta carbonara for dinner, followed by a retreat to shore once again for a social among the entire fleet.

The night ended with laughter coming from each vessel’s boat meeting and excitement for day to come as students closed their eye in their hammocks under the stars.