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Alpha 1, Day 12: Olympics, Race Day and July 4th Party

By wpdev July 5, 2019
Written and edited by Meredith Evridge

Long Bay beach fun was far from over. This morning we would hold another round of Sail Caribbean Olympics! Some staff were setting up on shore before everyone else, so they enjoyed the distinct arrival of each boat. A flag was proudly displayed with each boat name on it, and due to it being the fourth of July, there was a clear color scheme. Decked out with temporary tattoos and red, white and blue swimsuits, we had extra pep in our steps. We  jumped out of the dinghies and the staff corralled everyone into four lines for the first event; a relay race. Farallo, Ormindo, Invictus and Greuze all had to wear snorkel gear and run to a fender, as fast as they could. Around the fender ten times made everyone dizzy as they ran back to their team and switched contenders. Cheering was heard all along the beach – but we were the only ones this early, so nobody was offended!

The next event was a synchronized swim to a chosen song. We witnessed beautiful arcs and graceful maneuvers as everyone took their turn! One boat even began with a backflip – from standing! This event was followed by a loud tug of war between all boats. The staff even took their turn pulling, upping the ante! Lastly, we had each boat chase down a member of staff and make sand art with them. Loads of creativity this morning.

Sandy and happy, we all headed back to boats to have lunch and prepare for Race Day. We’d be going from Long Bay to Leverick, and each team had their own strategy.

We lined up on the starting line with our sails up. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1!,” sounded the voice on the VHF radio, and we were off. A small powerboat with some of our staff went around the boats as they were beginning, and they got some fun pictures of campers on the windward side!

Considering that program was nearly at its end, the Alpha fleet enjoyed today’s sail even more than usual. Quite comfortable with everyone on their boats, all were a combination of wanting to be the first at the finish line, and reveling in the sail routine that had become second nature. Hanging out, taking a power nap, chatting with the skipper at the helm, and the sun shining brightly.

Arriving at Leverick docks, the DJ was already jamming and the tasty buffet was set out. Everyone was given meal tickets and headed through the line, loading up with salad, watermelon, burgers or veggie burgers, and other colorful dishes. Once everyone was full and plates were handed back to be cleaned, the students hit the dance floor. The staff was blown away with their moves, and the DJ did an excellent job of hyping everyone up. Almost two whole hours of dancing ensued, with popsicle breaks cooling everyone down. The ambience of the fourth of July party was totally fun, with lanterns strung up and everyone in happy spirits.

As the Sail Caribbean crew dance party came to an end, all hopped back into dinghies and were shuttled back to boats. Boat meeting as per usual was held, and we crashed into our beds. What a day!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.