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Alpha 4 & Charlie 3 2018 Adventures Day 7 – Bidding Anegada Goodbye For A Trip To Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

By wpdev August 15, 2018
written by Social Media Coordinator, Ryan Smith
August 12, 2018


Today, our fleet awoke at Anegada ready for our voyage back in the direction of the Sir Francis Drake channel to Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda. As each morning falls into routine, our students hopped to preparing a hearty breakfast for the full crew which we sat down to while rehashing the day’s schedule. We would be setting sail for Leverick with a guest passenger on board today — each monohull’s staff mate switched vessels to sail with a different crew and create a fun change of pace for the day!

After cleaning up breakfast, the crews executed excellent mooring ball drops and got underway to their destination, reviewing each sailing lesson that they’ve learned so far on program with little to no help from their staff on board. This was to help prepare our students for tomorrow’s big day – Challenge Day! Today’s downwind sail was accompanied by fair winds and light chop, and tons of smiles from some already seasoned sailors.

By 12p.m., our vessels arrived in the North Sound and were ready to dock. With calm, cool as a cucumber student skippers, each yacht scooted into their designated slips with ease and confidence, a very impressive feat! After lines were made fast, lunch was prepared and devoured and then a thorough boat clean got underway. After each crew passed their cleaning inspection with flying colors, giddy hands collected back their personal phones to make calls home to loved ones and friends. An abundant amount of excitement and bragging could be heard from Leverick’s docks while phones were active for the first time since leaving our base on Day 2.

Once phones were turned back into captains, students took off to explore the local shops and markets. Land showers were an added bonus too and a delight enjoyed by all! By 6p.m., we were all dressed to impress to attend a catered dinner ashore by the local restaurant. Dinner was followed up by the arrival of a DJ who charismatically led the way into a night of dancing among friends under the bountiful array of sparkling stars and playful lights.

When the night’s soundtrack slowed pace, each crew held their boat meeting on land for a change and eventually retreated back to our home boats to power down from a night of energy and magic.

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.