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Bravo 1, Charlie 1, Delta 1, Foxtrot 1, and Sierra 1, Day 17: Little Harbour, Peter Island

By wpdev July 16, 2021

Day 17

An easy wake up in Dead Man’s Bay, as we woke at 7:10am. Breakfast was shortly after as our fun divers, specialty divers, 2nd time Discover Scuba divers, and next round of Open Water students were set to embark on their next round of lessons soon after. 

Our non-divers were responsible for up anchoring our vessels and setting a heading to Village Cay during the late-morning to embark on COVID testing required for their soon-to-be departure day. Those who left us for a dive this morning would meet us there in the early-afternoon to undergo their own testing as well. 

One-by-one, the sound of chain-links clinking into the anchor lockers echoed through the bay, as vessels inched forward re-collecting their set anchors. In synchronized fashion, our fleet left the bay and made their way to Village Cay. 

By now, our students have had a number of dockings under their belts, so this one went by like a breeze. No vessels made contact with the dock! A successful docking day for crews, staff, and our fleet captain alike!

With testings completed, it was time to leave the breeze-less docks and head back out to the channel and onto our evening’s destination, Little Harbour.  While on our sail to Little Harbour, students were taught and participated in man-overboard (MOB) drills. With fenders tied together to simulate a person, they were flung overboard and crews practiced the appropriate figure-8 maneuver to collect the MOB. 

Once secured on anchor at Little Harbour, the real fun could begin.. water-sporting! Our Delta, Charlie, and Bravo kids began their afternoon at Little Harbour with relaxation time and some water-sporting. Those participating in our Foxtrot and Sierra program first partook in a plankton tow before hitting the water. 

As evening rapidly approached that signified back to boats for all our campers to wrap up the days events with showers, dinner, plus boat clean and meeting before bedtime. 

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.