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Bravo 2 & Charlie 2 2018 Adventures Day 15 – Journeying From Oil Nut Bay To Cane Garden Bay

By wpdev August 1, 2018
written by Provisions Manager, Allie Faulkner
July 29
, 2018

Today, we awoke on the docks at Oil Nut Bay excited for another day and another destination. We had a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, before cleaning up our dishes and the rest of the boat for a cleaning inspection. We passed our cleaning inspection with flying colors and then headed to land for more morning activities at the destination’s beach club.

The students and staff alike took advantage of one last opportunity of swimming and hanging out at this cove’s scenic paradise-escape-like atmosphere. After a while of indulging the beauty, we apprehensively headed back to our home boats to enjoy a lunch among shipmates before we completed our pre-departure checks. We were then off to our next destination, a Sail Caribbean favorite — Cane Garden Bay!

The sail to Cane Garden Bay, located on the north side of Tortola, was one of our longer voyages, although it was pleasantly enjoyed by the crews as relaxing and fun. We worked on our sailing skills and continued to gain confidence behind the helm, rotating through a different student skipper throughout the entire journey.

Once we picked up a mooring ball in the late afternoon, we started on dinner preparation promptly as we had a surprise onshore rendez-vous we were expected for! We gobbled down Chicken Parmesan and after a quick clean of the boats, we headed ashore for a social with all the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Foxtrot, Sierra, and Tango boats.

Onshore, we were brought together as a huge group to hear the announcement that we would be participating in a huge and impactful surprise community service project in conjunction with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, who would be visiting Cane Garden Bay in the coming day, and ARK (the Association of Reef Keepers). This huge project was all put together by a few of Sail Caribbean’s Program Directors, ARK’s Director Shannon Gore and the RFA themselves!

Right after the announcement, we headed to Myett’s, a local restaurant and hang out, to order drinks and appetizers and also boogey on down with a special guest DJ. After a great night of mingling, we all headed back to our home boats for a boat meeting. We went to bed straight away afterwards to rest for an eventful next day!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.