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Delta 2 Day 12: Highlights Of The Trip So Far!

By wpdev August 1, 2016
July 28, 2016

For Day 12, Program Director Curtis asked the kids what has been the highlight of the trip thus far. Here’s what everyone had to say!



I really enjoyed making a difference in the world by cleaning up trash on the beach.  I found it important to see that we also need to start thinking about pollution and how it is affecting our world and how we need to start recycling more.



My highlight of the trip has been seeing the green turtle at Little Harbor on Peter Island. I found it truly peaceful. My other favorite part of the trip has been my night dive,  and especially seeing the stars afterwards.



I truly loved the night sail down island and being up at 3:00 in the morning with the many stars and small talking with the people on my shift.  I also enjoyed talking about world affairs with Sara, our Sailing Director.



My highlight of the trip has been flying over a massive wake on an inner tube during Bitter End Day. I caught some big air!  I also have enjoyed the night snorkel and getting up on a waterski.



My favorite part of the trip so far has been becoming open water certified.  I had to put in a lot of work but in the end I achieved my goals. It was magical being able to see another world under the water. I can’t wait to dive some more in a few days.



I really enjoyed the hour when I helmed the boat during the over night sail.  It went by really fast.  It was hard work but very rewarding at the same time.  I also loved getting to take a Hobie out during Bitter End Day.  We went really fast!



My highlight of the entire trip was my time at the helm.  I first experienced it on our way to Little Harbour.  We then took a hike up the hill to some abandoned ruins from an old resort. My other highlight has been small boat sailing at Bitter End.  Going out with friends was a blast.



I loved seeing the stars during the night sail.  There were so many in every direction.   I have also enjoyed the opportunity to be at the helm on Opal Bella.  Hearing Courtney’s instructions and being able to convert them into real world sailing skills was an awesome experience.



After the rough parts of the over night sail were done,  I loved watching the sunrise.  It was very peaceful and tranquil and a great way to end the night.   My other highlight was hiking up the Quill.   The view from the top of the volcano was fulfilling and wonderful!



My favorite parts of the trip so far have been going to the carnival event last night, the beach clean this morning,  and visiting the Statia botanical garden also this morning.   Carnival was a great cultural experience and the community service and garden really introduced me to the beautiful nature on the island.



My highlight has been the many various views we have seen.   The sunset from the top of the Quill volcano on Statia was truly spectacular.   In addition to seeing the many other stunning sunsets,  I have loved stargazing on the bow and getting to know my boat mates.

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.