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Delta 2 Day 8: Rounds Of 420's and Hobie Waves At The BEYC

By wpdev July 26, 2016
July 24, 2016

This morning, our staff had an early rise, dropping the mooring ball at Marina Cay and setting our sights on the Bitter End Yacht Club. Meanwhile, our students caught up on sleep down below, resting up for the full day ahead.

Once we reached the North Sound, most of the crew was up, moving about and munching on a breakfast buffet. Once on the mooring ball at the Bitter End, we jumped right away into prepping to go ashore. Armed with full Nalgenes, sunscreen, and our hiking shoes, we hopped in the RIB and made our way to land for a walk. Starting at the beach, we began our way up Guy’s Trail, climbing around rocks and cacti. We were rewarded with a beautiful view of the BVI’s up at the top, making the sweaty trek worth it.

After rambling back down the trail, the whole boat went to the restaurant for a well-deserved group lunch. Fully fed and watered up, the crew split into groups for an awesome hour of small boat sailing in 420’s and Hobie Waves. Then began the many fun activities of Bitter End day!

From tubing, to water sports, to hanging out around the shops and gorgeous beaches, students filled their schedules with all sorts of awesome pastimes. Exhausted after another long and busy day in the sun, we then headed back to our vessel in the late afternoon and commenced the daily ritual of boat showers and dinner prep. Bellies full of quesadillas, we finished the day off right with a boat meeting and a round of Oreos, after which the crew went straight to bed, stoked for the promise of tomorrow’s expedition… The overnight passage!

A Note to Our Delta 2 Families & Friends! We are excited to next share all the details about how our passage adventure went…. A reminder we will have intermittent ability to email daily updates and photos so bare with us as we are busy creating amazing memories down island…we’ll do our best to supply but of course, tell you all about them later too!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.