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Follow Our Journey! Early Alpha, Foxtrot, Charlie, Sierra, & Tango- Day 7

By Josephine A June 14, 2024

Written by Josie A., Social Media Coordinator

We started our day off bright and early with our divers hopping on the dive boat after a nice breakfast our amazing fellow boatmates prepared. Some on board finished their last dives today and got their Advanced Open Water dive certifications! How exciting!! 

While they were diving, the rest of us went on a classic Sail Caribbean excursion, the Helipad Hike! Not only were the views immaculate, but the vibes were high, as we played lots of games at the top. Because the top is very picturesque, many photo-ops took place shortly after our arrival! After many rounds of Splat, Where the Wind Blows, and Mafia, we hiked back down, greeted the divers as they returned, and prepared to de-moor. 

PDCs were carried out by all crews and then we were off. Our destination for the night: Sidney’s! I spent the sail with the boat Apres Sail, and we were absolutely rocking the downwind sailing and were very focused on performing their jibes when needed! Such amazing teamwork! Skipper of the day, Copley, and mate of the day, John, were so calm behind the wheel and had such great communication with the rest of their crew to ensure our speedy arrival.

Once arriving at the mooring field near Sidney’s, Copley relayed her mooring ball pick-up plan with the rest of the crew and we began our maneuver. Everything went according to her plan, and our pickup went seamlessly. Amazing work Apres Sail! 

Shower parties then commenced after a brief history lesson on the BVI and a tectonic plate overview, and many Taylor Swift songs were played to keep the energy high! Once everyone was cleaned and dressed up, we dinghied to shore to enjoy a night of tasty BBQ, good music, and fun dancing! The Cupid shuffle and Cotton Eyed Joe were program favorites at the dance, and everyone got their boogie on!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.