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Follow Our Journey! Alpha & Tango – Day 7

By Vada H June 30, 2024

Written by Sammy K., a Mate on Topaz II

Another wonderful morning in the BVI! Our crew woke up to the crystal clear waters of The Bight, and made some delicious french toast while they enjoyed the views. Once we were fueled up from breakfast, everyone got ready for their various adventures of the morning.

Our captain, Grace, led a hike on the shore to a stunning viewpoint. We played games at the top and enjoyed our time exploring the luscious greenery of Norman Island. Eden even saw a small reef shark on the ride over to shore!

Gavin experienced sailing in the Colgate for the first time. He and his small crew on the Colgate got to practice tacking and mastering the points of sail while ripping through the open water!

The rest of our crew joined Sammy for a snorkel at the reefs around our mooring location. Zoe, Sarah, Clare, and Bill swam through clouds of moon jellyfish (but don’t worry, they don’t sting) and saw tons of the local reef fish!

Once everyone was done with their various morning adventures, we all met back up to get ready to depart to our next location! Sandra, our skipper of the day, worked with Ricky, our navigator of the day, to lead us safely to Sandy Key, where we would compete in Sail Caribbean’s annual Olympics!

The events in the Olympics included synchronized swimming, flipper foot races, and creating the best sand art. Our crew did an amazing job in all of the events, and blew the judges away with our teamwork and enthusiasm.

After our afternoon of games on the beach, we moved over to Sydney’s on Joost van Dyke, where we would enjoy our celebratory dinner. We had a delicious buffet for the entire fleet at Sydney’s where we ate chicken, fried rice, pasta salad, cole slaw, and greens together. Everyone got time to explore the area and buy some fun souvenirs.

After dinner, the whole fleet gathered on the dance floor and danced the night away! It was a fantastic day full of laughter, memories, and fun. Stay tuned for more updates on Alpha + Tango fleet!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.