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Follow Our Journey! Bravo, Charlie, Foxtrot, & Sierra 1- Day 5

By Josephine A June 27, 2024

Written by Beck L., mate of FLX

Today is an exciting day for Mega Fleet—we’re going to Anegada! After waking up in beautiful Leverick Bay, we cooked up some eggs and bacon for a hot breakfast and got ready to go to shore. Our campers did some shopping at a local boutique, sipped some virgin drinks, and enjoyed some ice cream on the beach. The folks at Leverick Bay were so happy to have us, and they loved getting to chat with our campers!

We headed back to the boats around midday and made refreshing pita pockets for lunch. At 1:15, we dropped the ball and set sail for a long journey to Anegada. Evie J., our skipper of the day, said she had so much fun up at the helm today and was surprised by how much she learned. Having the opportunity to skipper is invaluable to our campers, giving them a new perspective on the importance of every single role on the boat, whether it be during maneuvers or facilitating life onboard! Liv, our navigator of the day, kept us on our bearing, and we reviewed points of sail and learned about sail trim—our campers are really honing in on their ability to control the boats, and are gaining confidence every day.

Before entering the channel at Anegada, we dropped sails. The water was beautiful and blue, and we saw some turtles while picking up our mooring ball! Our Foxtrot and Sierra campers headed over to Dreamer for a lesson on BVI history by Janaye, our Marine Biology Coordinator. They learned so much about these gorgeous islands we have the pleasure of sailing around!

After shower party (with our favorite shower song, “Splish Splash”), our dinner chefs Kackie and Myles made us stuffed peppers with ground beef. We cleaned our boat and finished chores, then had a fun boat meeting and played one of our favorite games: Fishbowl!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.