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Foxtrot 3 & Sierra 3 Day 4: A Ride Of Our Lives

By wpdev August 12, 2017
written by Foxtrot/Sierra mate, Liz Deveau
August 10
, 2017

The day began bright and early at Peter Island with a 6:45a.m. wake up and a delicious breakfast of western egg bagel sandwiches. The divers went off with the dive boat after breakfast to continue their courses. The rest of the crews prepared the boats for a nice long sail around Peter Island to the Pirate’s Bight at Norman Island. The sail was peaceful and the crew learned a lot more about proper sailing technique along the way.

When we got to Norman and picked up a mooring ball, we made our way to shore for a short hike up the back side of the island. The hike was very hot, but fun as always especially when we reached the top with the helipad, the breeze, and the vistas. We played a few games when we reached the top and then descended again to escape the sun. A lot of the students ran straight into the water for a refreshing swim after they finished the hike. Some students set up a volleyball game with the staff that got intensely energetic. Some students set out on stand up paddle boards and kayaks for an enjoyable water stroll. Poparazzi, Sail Caribbean’s infamous water sporting tube, even came by to take crews out for a ride of their lives. At one point, there were three students trying their best to balance a single person kayak to see how long they could last before flipping over! Everyone got to enjoy the beach and a little time to relax after a long sail and a hot hike.

When the divers got back, everyone went to their home boats to start preparing dinner. We had our usual shower party with music and jumping into the ocean and then started to make fajitas. Dinner was delicious and plentiful with leftovers enough to make a bean dip to snack on. After dinner, we all pitched in to clean up the boat because it had to be spotless before we could head to shore for our first social of the program!

Everyone was on shore by 7:30p.m. ordering frozen drinks and the most chocolatey desserts I have ever seen! Students from all programs mixed and mingled while they hung out in the restaurant and on the lounge chairs on the beach. Everyone was having an amazing time. It was tough when it was time to head home, but every good social must come to an end. We all went back to our home boats to have boat meeting and power down for the night. Everyone insisted on sleeping outside as the breeze and the views were unbeatable.


The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.