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Hire a Piggy Bank & Save For New Experiences

By wpdev November 17, 2016

Finding it hard to save money?  If you’re anything like me, you frequently discover yourself spending money frivolously and constantly. That makes it really hard to save.  Well…I’ve found a totally painless solution.

digit1Digit is a money saving app that does all the work. It automatically transfers money from your bank account to a Digit savings account.  Digit will continuously monitor your spending habits and save small amounts based on that data.  The app worked so well that I never noticed a shortage of funds available for my usual spending, It’s possible to change the settings to save more (if you realize that you aren’t missing the money) or less (if you feel Digit is saving too much).
It’s easy to withdraw funds as well.  Just send Digit a (text) message using the app’s interface will prompt Digit to ask how much you would like to withdraw.  Once you send back a message with the amount you would like to remove a transfer is initiated.  Digit will even ask you what you are using the money for and make a note of it.  You will have the funds in your primary account in a day or two – simple!

Now comes the next dilemma…what will you spend your new fortune on?  Research states you should spend money on experiences rather than a tangible item.  Experiences can be relived through memories and the stories you tell about them.  They last much longer than something you can touch/feel and hold in your hand.  It’s the memories that you carry with you long into your adulthood.  Buy tickets! You love that band so much; why not go see them in concert?  Or join the cheering crowd at your favorite sports event. Travel opens up a world of possibilities.  Just think of telling your friends about the trip you took – the sights you saw, things you learned, and new friends you made.  Experiences also have the tendency to inspire new passions, skills and pursuits.

And don’t forget…the holidays will be quickly upon us.  What about using this “newfound” money on gifts for your loved ones?  It’s money that you didn’t know you were missing anyway, so no need to go into debt finding that perfect present.

To those wondering: Digit has saved over $950 for me since I began by account in April, and it was effortless on my part! What will I use it for?  I’ve already used some to go on a wonderful five day holiday.  The rest…I haven’t thought about yet, but it will be something memorable.

You can get Digit FREE for iOs and Android or on their website at


The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.