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Sierra 3, Charlie 3, Foxtrot 3 and Alpha 4, Day 4: Sail to Deadmans Bay and turtle tagging!

By wpdev August 10, 2019
Written by the students of Parsifal, now know as Grande
Edited by Allie Faulkner

Day 4

We had a wonderful wake-up this morning; the sun was shinning and the seagulls were singing. After rubbing the sleep out of our eyes, we had a delicious breakfast of loaded eggs and bacon. Great fuel for the long day ahead! After cleaning up, we dropped the ball at Norman Island and set sail for Deadman’s Bay.

During the sail we were fortunate enough to have a lot of wind which turned it into a breath-taking experience. We were sailing upwind to Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island so we got to practice a lot of tacking. With exceptional teamwork and leadership we were able to better ourselves as sailors today. While underway our captains and mates taught us lessons on points of sail and tacking.¬† We finally arrived at the beautiful shores of Deadman’s Bay where we learned to anchor.¬†Anchoring was a new maneuver for us to learn but one we picked up quickly and successfully. After we had set our anchor, we all jumped in the water to snorkel it and check if it had set properly.

Once we were settled we began making lunch. We had a delicious lunch of chicken ceasar wraps to fuel us for an activity filled afternoon. After washing our dishes, the Sierra and Foxtrot students went turtling for the first time! They were taught a lesson on sea grass and turtles. They were also given a lesson on how and why we turtle tag, and of the importance of the data we collect, by our ARK turtleing trained staff. Our Sierra and Foxtrot students were lucky enough to catch a turtle! We collected the data we needed and then sent the cute little guy on his way.  While our Sierra and Foxtrot student were turtleing, our Charlie and Alpha students did a variety of water activities such as, wakeboarding, tubing and colgate sailing. They had a great time hanging out and relaxing with each other, doing all the adventurous water activities they could.

We eventually returned to our home boats, to shower and start making dinner. The dinner prep people prepared some tasty bolognese that we all enjoyed. After we came out of our slight food coma, we started to clean the boat top to bottom. Once it sparkled, we began boat meeting and played a fun game of Pirates! We ended the enjoyable day looking at the gorgeous stars.

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.