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Sierra 3 & Foxtrot 3 2015 Trip Blog- Day 8

By wpdev August 15, 2015
written by mate of I Am Free, Liz Deveau, Brought to you by the crew of I Am Free
August 12, 2015

Today was Bitter End Yacht Club day! The day started with a bright and early 6:40a.m. wake up. The captain of I Am Free, Curtis, got especially creative with this early wake up and played “The Circle of Life” from the boat’s radio to get everyone out of bed. Marshall and Emily got started on our big breakfast of chocolate chip and banana pancakes right away. Breakfast was delicious. The whole crew cleaned the boat right after and got ready for our busy and super fun-filled day ashore.

Everyone from both fleets was ashore and rearing to go by 8:30a.m. The first activity on the agenda was a hike up one of the trails on Bitter End. When the group returned, they had about half an hour to relax, rehydrate, and take a dip if they wanted to before the day’s activity rotations started. Cam set off for the shops with some friends from the other boats of our fleet. Gillie relaxed on the beach for a bit before she got to sail a Hobie cat with three other students. The wind was perfect for small boat sailing in the sound!

As the day went on, Jack, Marshall, Frankie, Ben and Jamie all got to sail a Hobie cat with a small group of other students. Ben and his group capsized their Hobie and were smiling and laughing the entire time they were trying to right the boat! Practice makes perfect! Jack even had the opportunity to take out a 420, and he loved every second of sailing that fast little boat around. Gillie also got to take out a 420 with Addie, a student from Spyglass, and she said she absolutely loved it and learned a lot.

Around 12:30 p.m., the whole crew of I Am Free had lunch at the Pub at Bitter End. I think a big meal that they didn’t have to prepare aand clean up was a welcome change for a day. Then, Frankie, Emily and Cam found the volleyball court and set up a little volleyball game with staff and students from other boats. Marshall, Jamie and Jack ventured over to take a ride on the poparazzi – our infamous water sporting giant tube – and managed to hang out for an impressively long time before being finally tossed off into the refreshing water.

After a full and super fun day on shore, everyone started heading back to their home boats to get showered and get dinner started. Jamie and Frankie were in charge of dinner, and they made some pretty tasty tacos. After dinner and dinner clean up, all of the crews from all the boats of the Sierra 3 and Foxtrot 3 fleet went to Saba Rock for a social. Everyone enjoyed the shop there, the tank of fish and of course the frozen drinks and desserts. Frankie finally got her smoothie that she had been craving for days. Emily and Cam ate the most delicious looking brownie sundae that anyone had ever seen!

The majority of the night was spent stargazing in the hammocks along the water and socializing with the students from the other boats. New friends are still being made and already formed friendships are getting closer and stronger! At the end of the social hour, Jen, our program director, announced that tomorrow will be Challenge day! With that exciting announcement, everyone started heading back to their home boats. It wasn’t long after that that everyone was brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. Bitter End day is always one of the favorites of program, and after, everyone was settled in for a good night’s rest, anxiously awaiting Challenge day!

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The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.