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Tango 3 Day 12: Pirate Lesson At The Bitter End Yacht Lesson

By wpdev August 7, 2016
August 5, 2016

Tango had an early morning as we left Long Bay on Beef Island and headed to The Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda. After an exciting sail where we got to experience some squally weather and crazy seagulls, we moored at the Bitter End Yacht Club. We all packed day bags and went to shore!

Perry, the captain of Venture of the Alpha adventure, taught a pirate lesson and we got to learn about where pirates used to sail in the British Virgin Islands! Later, we got time to explore Bitter End and sail Lasers, Getaways, Waves, and Optis. Some of us went on Poparazzi, our huge, inflatable, watersporting tube! In the late afternoon, we headed back to I Am Free where we had delicious jerk chicken before heading to bed!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.