Can a single summer program help navigate a course for life? Absolutely!

Sail Caribbean isn’t simply about the relatively short time we spend together. Our goals are much more ambitious. With sun-drenched days and a cooling trade wind, our tropical setting is one of the most inspiring backdrops in the world to nurture self-confidence, foster personal growth, and create a structure for social and academic success.

We’ve got 37 years of experience providing teens with the opportunity to develop, strengthen and test their know-how. Our focus on leadership and teamwork is the foundation of every adventure we offer. Our staff create a safe, non-competitive environment to bring out your personal best. They are your role models…And your champions.

Our approach is a simple one: When you live it, you learn it. There’s no better way to master new skills. You are a participant and contributor, not a spectator – and that’s what our teens appreciate most.

So little time…So much to learn. It would be way too long to name everything, but here’s just a small sampling of some of the things you’ll learn and do on our adventures.

BrainFoodTeamwork Seamanship

  • Tie knots like a bowline, clove hitch and sheet bend
  • Plot a course and navigate the islands
  • Talk like a sailor, and grind and tail like a pro
  • Read the wind and steer by telltales


Leadership & Teamwork

  • Work with your crew to run the boat with little or no staff assistance
  • Face unexpected challenges and find creative solutions
  • Share responsibilities like cooking a group meal and keeping a healthy and safe living environment
  • Take charge of your crewmates as skipper of the day




  • What makes things look bigger underwater
  • ‘Talk’ with hand signals
  • How to explore a sunken wreck
  • Identify marine life including vertebrates, invertebrates, and plant life


Marine Biology

  • How to distinguish different turtles of the BVI and free dive to catch one
  • Measure, tag and release to help track turtle populations
  • Determine the health of a coral reef
  • Study the most invasive species threatening our Caribbean waters



Community Service

  • Join Project AWARE and Snorkel or Dive Against Debris to help clean our oceans
  • Teach local students basic water safety and snorkeling skills
  • Use REEF protocols to provide statistics on coral reef health
  • Perform trail maintenance as you hike the mountainous island of Saba


Cultural Experience

  • Get a feel of island life from local teens as you introduce them to a sailing experience
  • Take in local artistry and dance with moko jumbies at the Trellis Bay Fireball Party
  • Taste island fare as you explore quaint towns and sleepy villages


Island Exploration

  • Utilize Leave No Trace principles wherever you go
  • Climb, jump, snorkel and find out what environmental conditions created the natural playground called The Baths
  • Get the lay of the land from Tortola’s highest vantage point
  • Find out what one deserted island sends to the Queen each year on her birthday




  • Get a confidence boost and master something fast and thrilling: waterski, wakeboard or tube
  • Advanced sailing certifications granted aboard our 26’ training boat, Opal Bella
  • Find your balance on a stand up paddleboard excursion
  • Buddy up and explore the coastline in a kayak while you get to know each other


Social Skills

  • Contribute during daily group meetings — a chance to reflect, and plan for the next day’s tasks
  • Living in close quarters presents many opportunities to learn acceptance and respect of others, and to form lasting friendships
  • Each accomplishment grows your confidence, and a “can do” attitude emerges making you ready to set personal goals and take on new challenges.