This morning we took a hike on Norman Island while the Bravo students went on a dive.

The hike to the top of Norman
The hike to the top of Norman

At the peak there was a helipad where we played a giant game of Ninja!

"Ninja" at the helipad
“Ninja” at the helipad

After lunch, the Charlie students went diving while James and Mateo worked on their Basic Keelboat certification on Opal Bella. Meanwhile, Max and Preston snorkeled along the coastline and explored while others enjoyed the beach, watched World Cup highlights, or went out for some watersports. After Michael and Max worked together on dinner, we all headed to shore for a marine biology lesson on the formation of the islands. After that, we got a chance to order some virgin drinks and dessert. At boat meeting, we started hot seat, to get to know one another and then headed to bed after another full day here, at Sail Caribbean!