Today’s day started very early, with a 6:45am wakeup! We woke to the smell of pancakes, cooked by Claire and Andra. Immediately after breakfast was cleaned, the Charlie divers got on the dive boat to dive at Angel Fish Reef where they saw two eels, two lobsters, and two green sea turtles! At the same time, at Nanny Cay Marina, Jeff, Andra, Claire, Gustavo, and Tanner prepared the navigation for the sail and did an AMAZING and challenging de-docking.
After a quick sail to The Bight, on Norman Island, Claire, Gustavo, Jeff, and Andra went diving while Ezra, Eric, Emily, Drew, Santi, and Luca returned to Monet for an afternoon of water sports followed by a great dinner of Sloppy Joe’s. After dinner, the night divers went on an amazing dive, right after which everyone went ashore to mingle with Foxtrot, Sierra, Charlie, Bravo and Delta programs.
The night was completed with warm brownies before brushing our teeth and going to bed!