written by Early Foxtrot & Early Sierra mate, Zosha Witkor
June 12, 2017

Today, the fleet woke up excited for a full day at Norman Island! After a tasty breakfast of western style eggs, the divers headed out for a full day of scuba skills during their PADI confined water dives 3 and 4. After doing our confined water dives right off the shallow beach at Norman Island, we got on the dive boat and headed out to do our first open water dive! We were so excited to get to a reef and see lots of fish. We even saw a sting ray!

Students who were not diving had their first marine biology lesson on corals delivered by Foxtrot and Sierra Captain Rowsey and applied what they learned on an amazing snorkel at the caves right outside the Pirate’s Bight on Norman Island. They snorkeled inside the interesting caves and saw some neat examples of the corals. They even stalked a HUGE lobster for a bit that decided to grace them with its presence.

After the snorkel, non divers headed back to Paso Doble for a swim floatie fest and an afternoon of action packed water sports. Students faced new challenges while wakeboarding and waterskiing and had a blast!

After a long day of ocean activities, everyone headed back to their boats for quality boat time and a killer sunset. Another successful full day of exploration and growth here in the BVI!