written by Echo student, Melissa Pollard
June 8
, 2018

Too bad it’s not challenge day anymore, now the students can’t rule these waters 🙂 Just kidding – we always do!  Our skipper for the day lead the crew on a swift sail to the Dog Islands from Anegada.  After an energy-filled lunch, students had some free time to explore the small uninhabited island we were moored next to.

Next, the Ocean students went off for a dive and the Echo students were taught an ASA lesson which included the very important Man-Over-Board procedure which later was practiced with buoys which we recovered in less than 2 minutes! A dinghy lesson was also covered and even though the dinghy can only reach a max speed of approximately 2 mph, we all enjoyed trying to do some playful doughnuts.

Finally, we sailed to Mountain Point to spend the night and enjoyed witnessing the bioluminescence all around the boat!