Life Onboard

Life on the Water

There’s always plenty to do, and you quickly fall into the rhythm that makes life onboard unique. You’ll wake up to the call of seagulls, prep meals in the galley, learn new ways to shower and flush, have high-spirited cannon ball contests, cement new friendships, and sleep under a star-studded Caribbean sky! For the most refreshing bath of your life, you dive into the sparkling sea and lather up, then take a quick freshwater rinse onboard. Hot showers are also available when we dock overnight at marinas.


Whether you’re reading charts, hauling in sails, chopping vegetables, or just getting to know one another, life onboard happens with a certain magic. When you’re sailing together, a team spirit grows out of necessity and soon spills over into everything you do. Sail Caribbean alumni say that it was teamwork and strong friendships that challenged and rewarded them the most. Our staff members are enthusiastic about sharing their interests and pass along their energy and ‘can do’ attitudes to the crew.