Written by Emma C., Mate & Lilly Stence Social Media Coordinator/Mate

The second full day of programs is in the books!! This morning we woke up to the sun beaming over Cooper Island Beach Club, ready for a day full of fleet-wide activities!!

Some enjoyed a pancake breakfast, while other crews had eggs and bacon in front of a gorgeous Caribbean backdrop. A handful of students went ashore for some morning dives, some campers had their fun on our Colgate 26s, while other buddied up on boat to anchor up and set sea to Salt Island, where they hiked up some hills and soaked in the scenery before returning to Cooper Island for more fun.  



After a recharge at lunchtime, the campers explored Cooper Island, enjoying ice cream, tubing, snorkeling, and socializing. More divers also journeyed into the depths of the Caribbean Sea, encountering exquisite creatures such as a handful of black-tip reef sharks, sea turtles, and moray eels.



We made the most of a squall that came through, saving water by taking rain showers and singing our hearts out before prepping dinner and beginning to wind down for the night. Spirits are high, and we are just getting started!!