Foxtrot 1 & Sierra 1 2015 – Day 21

written by Marine Science intern, Grace McKenna, and mate, Kathryn Broderick
July 12, 2015

Everyone got up early this morning and got ready to leave. The first round of students hopped on the truck, grabbed a few snacks for the road, and exchanged hugs and goodbyes with their fellow crew members. A short while later, the rest of the students were off in the truck, and just like that, program finished!

Saying goodbye to our first students of the summer was bittersweet. Each and every student brought something special to the program. We had an amazing time getting to know every individual, and they will all be missed! As staff, we loved teaching marine biology, sailing, and diving, but even more so, we loved learning from the students and with the students about all sorts of things during the past three weeks. Most importantly, we all had loads of fun together, from turtling, to chili cook-off, to Olympics, and even during little every day things, like meal prep and boat meetings.

We hope as the summer continues and the next school year begins, each of our students finds ways to apply what they learned at Sail Caribbean to their every day life. We’re proud of each of our students for developing both as individuals and as a team. We hope that they take to heart what they learned about themselves, their fellow crew members, and the environment around them. All in all, it has been a wonderfully successful program. We had a blast with this group of students, and we hope some will return in the future so we can have a chance to work with them again!