July 2, 2016

Students woke up today underway to the Bitter End, after staff did an early morning up anchor. We pulled together bagels, yogurts, cereal, and fruit for breakfast, and then headed ashore for Bitter End day!

Every student signed up for small boat and water sporting rotations. Some students went on paparazzi while others wake boarded. Every single student took 420’s and Hobie cats out for sails through the North Sound. We all had delicious lunches at the pub restaurant – pizzas, wings, and conch fritters were the favorites of the afternoon. Many students took advantage of the chill day to relax on the beach, go for a swim out to the floating dock, and peruse the shops and stores at the resort.

We headed back to boats in the late afternoon, took showers, and got dressed up to go out to dinner at Saba Rock, a famous resort and restaurant. Everybody sat down for their meals of cheeseburgers, wings, tacos, and jerk chicken, and everybody raved about how good it was! We headed back to boats and had a quick boat meeting, where nearly every student agreed that today was the best day of the trip so far.