Captain of the Day of Samba: Nick

Mate: Alex

Beach Day at the Pirate’s Bight

We were woken up at 5 AM to go on a morning sunrise hike. Not all of us got up, however the sunrise was worth it!



After the sunrise, we had about an hour until breakfast which was at 8 AM. To occupy those of us that were awake, we told made up stories. Later, after breakfast, all of us went to the beach to learn about Marine Awareness and Fish Identification.


We then played football, volleyball, and swam. Lunch was at 12, and we had Mac N’ Cheese. Next we did water sports, which was composed of wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing. For a lot of people, flying off the tube (aka Paparazzi) was probably an amazing experience. Also, during water sports, we had SUP pirating wars! Later, we had a delicious dinner of Burritos, and at night we went to shore and talked with students from Charlie, Bravo, and Delta, and had dessert!


Today we did a great job of teamwork and bonding, and we still need to work on cleanliness. Our miracle moment was falling off the tube and skimming across the water.