Skipper: Carlos

Today we woke up and ate some great french toast that the people on breakfast duty made. Then we went SCUBA diving to pick up trash with the Dive Against Debris project. After that we took a truck tour around Tortola and ate ice cream at La Dolce Vita. Then we got back to the beach at Long Bay and did watersports like water skiing, wakeboarding, paparazzi, and more. Then we went back to the boat to get ready for the Olympics. First we did a relay race and Mazurka won.  Then we did a tug of war which we lost to Samba. Then we had a sand art competition and made our captain into a turtle! After the olympics we took showers and went to the BBQ where we ate hot dogs and hamburgers. After the amazing BBQ we went back to the boat to get some rest after a long day.

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