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  • Ava Zockoll

    Sail Caribbean Captain Dive Coordinator
    Third Year

    Bayhead, NJ

    From a beach town in New Jersey, Ava has always stayed close to the water and considers it her happy place. Coming into her 3rd summer as a staff member, she is excited to spend more time in the beautiful BVI and share her love of Sail Caribbean with everyone she encounters. Going into her senior year at Florida State University studying Hospitality and Tourism Management, she recently studied abroad in Panama City, Panama in Fall 2019 and just this past May got her divemaster on the island of Utila, Honduras. At school, Ava is a team member at the Wildlife Conservation Center and can’t wait to teach about the different conservation efforts that SC leads. With a high energy personality and love of her fellow staff members and students, Ava looks forward to an amazing summer!!

The Sail Caribbean Team

You’ll learn from talented expert instructors who will become your mentors and friends. Look forward to high-energy, action-oriented people who are definitely FUN to be around! With a variety of backgrounds and interests, they are enthusiastic about teaching you what they know. But Sail Caribbean staff will not only teach you – they will empower you! Imagine having a teacher, parent and friend who is always there for you at every challenge making it fun, and cheering you on at each success. Our leaders are those kinds of people. They’ve worked with teens before, but they don’t consider it work at all – they love it!

Ava Zockoll

Captain Dive Coordinator