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  • Riley Addison

    Riley Addison

    Sail Caribbean Mate/Mate-In-Training
    First Year

    Chico, CA

    Growing up in California on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Riley has always known the outdoor life. His introduction to ocean sports began in the cold water of northern California. In the last two summers, his jobs on Catalina Island have included work as a kayak tour guide and working at a local SCUBA shop. Seven months were spent sailing an old schooner in the Bahamas, and he has sailed on two offshore transits. His hobbies include rock climbing, off-road cycling, diving and photography.

The Sail Caribbean Team

You’ll learn from talented expert instructors who will become your mentors and friends. Look forward to high-energy, action-oriented people who are definitely FUN to be around! With a variety of backgrounds and interests, they are enthusiastic about teaching you what they know. But Sail Caribbean staff will not only teach you – they will empower you! Imagine having a teacher, parent and friend who is always there for you at every challenge making it fun, and cheering you on at each success. Our leaders are those kinds of people. They’ve worked with teens before, but they don’t consider it work at all – they love it!

Riley Addison

Riley Addison