• Erika Florian

    James Catling

    Sail Caribbean Divers PADI Staff Instructor


    James has been diving since 2009. His favorite underwater activities are side mount diving and protecting the reefs from lionfish. His favorite abovewater activity…a walk on the beach at sunset.

  • Jason Hart

    Jason Hart

    Sail Caribbean Divers Dive Director
    Seventh Year

    Jason arrived in 2011 as a divemaster intern and spent four summers working for Sail Caribbean. He has since then joined the Sail Caribbean Divers team. Jason enjoys sailing and sports in his spare time.

  • Mike Rowe

    Mike Rowe

    Sail Caribbean Divers PADI Course Director
    Fifteenth Year

    Brandywine Bay, Tortola, BVI

    Mike is the BVI’s only resident PADI Course Director, PADI’s highest certification level. He makes the toughest tasks seem easy and his enthusiasm for the job is infectious. As a PADI-certified Course Director, Mike is “an instructor of instructors”, having certified well over 800 dive professionals. With more than 25 years in the dive industry, we consider him invaluable.

  • Oz Quartler

    Oz Quartler

    Sail Caribbean Divers PADI Open Water Instructor
    Second Year

    Oz is a British and Israeli citizen and grew up in Israel. He spent 3 years in the Navy as a Submarine Mechanic. Oz has been diving since he was 12 and has been a Dive Instructor for 3 years working as an instructor in Eilat on the Red Sea and on the Island of Santorini in Greece. Oz is passionate about scuba diving, the sea, and sports in general. After his love of diving, Oz enjoys boat and car mechanics.

The Sail Caribbean Team

You’ll learn from talented expert instructors who will become your mentors and friends. Look forward to high-energy, action-oriented people who are definitely FUN to be around! With a variety of backgrounds and interests, they are enthusiastic about teaching you what they know. But Sail Caribbean staff will not only teach you – they will empower you! Imagine having a teacher, parent and friend who is always there for you at every challenge making it fun, and cheering you on at each success. Our leaders are those kinds of people. They’ve worked with teens before, but they don’t consider it work at all – they love it!