written by Ocean student, Adam Collins
June 2
, 2018

Today started with the more and more familiar theme of early morning rising and dinghy-boat riding to the dive boat. As always, the diving was exceedingly pleasurable and relaxing. The second dive of the day was especially well received due to some laughs and shenanigans enjoyed by the whole team as well as some spectacular wildlife including an octopus, a nurse shark, and many other vibrant sea creatures.

After departing the dive boat, we set sail for Little Harbor on Peter Island. Once we completed a short but successful sail, we arrived at Little Harbor. A beautiful picture of glassy, blue water, a calm breeze, and a few other sailboats are the only company in this small slice of paradise. The day continued full of snorkeling, watersports, and hiking. A brilliant sunset framed our last meal of the day while the crew danced and sang the night away.