“My favorite scuba experience was for sure when we dove the Kodiak Queen. I was excited to dive a wreck and it was so much cooler than I had ever imagined. I loved the moment when we swam into the ship and up through the windows into the “sculpture” at the top. I also enjoyed snorkeling to look for turtles to tag, and the night snorkel. The watersports were super fun, I loved being able to try new things, for example I tried waterskiing and wakeboarding for the first time and was actually successful! The tubing was so much fun and definitely a highlight of my trip. I came to enjoy the responsibilities and chores on the boat because they made me feel like I was truly part of the team and I was contributing and helping the boat run smoothly. I also got to know the people on my boat very well when we were doing chores, like making dinner or washing the decks. During the program, I was surprised to see how much the counselors stepped back and let us do things by ourselves. The freedom and new responsibilities we had (for example, running the whole boat during challenge day) made me realize my potential in the group and how much we could actually do even if we were more inexperienced than the counselors.”