“We chose the Foxtrot program based on its experiences with marine biology. My kids not only wanted to advance in their scuba skills, but were very interested in learning more about marine life. We wanted an educational as well as a fun experience! [The overall strengths of SC are] the ability to learn so much about our ocean, have opportunities to try new things, being challenged in new areas, working/living together with strangers, learning about marine life, the opportunity to dive with turtles! Katelyn was very fearful of going, but was super excited to spend the summer on the water! I have seen a maturity and confidence in her facing new situations. Allowing herself to be challenged not only grew her as a person, but empowered her to try new things! Ryan’s leadership skills grew tremendously as he had to navigate so many things within this trip. He is confident and others were able to put their trust in him. I hope through this experience he is able to continue to trust in himself as a leader.”