“Ocean allowed me to be fully immersed in marine science with fellow students who shared my passion for the ocean. Every single day brought about new lessons about various parts of the ocean ranging from properties of water to fish physiology. Our learning was supplemented with hands on labs, activities, and dissections that brought even more excitement to the boat. We went on an unbelievable number of dives where we were able to be one with the world we were studying. In addition to the marine science, every day brought lessons on sailing and leadership, beautiful moorings and anchorages, and a great group of students and staff. It was great to really be able to take control of the boat completely very quickly which helped our boat build trust within a week of knowing one another. One of my favorite things that we did was a lab where we dove a site and collected data on the abundance of coral, fish, and invertebrate species. Looking back on the program, I can’t believe the amount of marine science that we squeezed into two weeks. One of the greatest things about Ocean was the small size of the program. It allowed me to really get to know everyone on the program. Every single day included great dinner conversation and so much fun on new adventures with new friends.”