“Claudia did much of the research on her own. She was challenged emotionally, physically and spiritually. We feel that Sail Caribbean gave her the confidence to set goals and go after what she wanted. We highly encourage others to look at this program. Claudia went without knowing anyone else on the trip. She made lifelong friends and this experience will only help her with what lies ahead. I feel that Sail Caribbean gave my daughter the opportunity to explore and expand her horizons and they delivered! I think that SC does a great job of selling the kids on the trip. I do feel that many of the schools that look at the program may view it more as a leisure trip and while some kids may choose not to do the diving component, I feel that those who choose to dive find it most gratifying and rewarding. Thank you so much for continuing to provide experiences for our teens that teach them how to live with others in often close quarters and reconnecting them with one of our greatest gifts – Nature!”