“Before I came on the trip, I did not know much about marine biology, but I ended up learning a ton about the different types of coral and fish that live in the sea. I just never thought about how intricate marine biology is. I learned how to put myself out there when getting to know other people. Living aboard a sailboat really exposed me to the simple lifestyle. Also, how to live with multiple personalities in a small space. These were just simple life skills that I took with me. We had the essentials we needed to thrive on the boat, but there was nothing extra. Not to mention, living on a boat with 7 other teens my age was a blast. There was everlasting laughter and fun energy throughout the trip at any given time of day.  The greatest challenge was learning to sail and be confident with the decision I was making while I was sailing. I tackled this having trust in my boat mates and just speaking with a loud, clear voice to work on my confidence.”