“I really enjoyed the different dissections we did because it was hands-on learning and we got to see what we were doing instead of just looking at a white board. My personal favourite was the squid dissection because they are fascinating animals that I never really knew anything about. My favourite snorkeling experience was at great dog, the stern of the Rhone or mountain point. I liked great dog because you could swim through tunnels and small caves which I thought was amazing. It was also very cool seeing how the rock formations were shaped. Lastly, the reef and the fish were especially nice to look at. The stern of the Rhone was fun because you could free dive down to it and see all the different types of fish. You could also swim with the scuba divers and play in their bubbles, which was fun. I liked mountain point because we got to free dive down to the sunken ship and could go see the scuba divers. We also had a night snorkel which was a lot of fun because we saw different types of organisms and fish, and had a great view of the bioluminescence which was amazing.”