Tango woke up this morning at 7:15.  We had a great breakfast buffet.  The crew of Mazurka sailed with our jib to Long Bay on Beef Island, which is near Scrub Island.  We dropped anchor and had a tasty lunch of Gato Gato Noodles.
Then we jumped in the water to snorkel to shore while Missy and Sam left to get their Advanced Open Water diving certification.  The Tango and YEP kids had a great afternoon on shore where they snorkeled, water sported, and enjoyed each other’s company.
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Justin and Max saw seven sting rays!  We finished the afternoon with a delicious barbeque before heading back to the boat.  After our showers, Jen gave a marine biology lesson about biolumination.  We all jumped in and saw the Dinoflagellates light up as we kicked our feet and swam around.  It was awesome!
Skipper of the day: Claire