Tango 2

Day 2

Skipper of the Day: Sam Green

Port of Departure: Hodges Creek

Final Destination: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Weather, Wind, and Sea Conditions: Clear and sunny skies

Finally, after our sailing orientation, we headed out to the open seas.  The ocean moved like a graceful butterfly.  Time for a swim test!  The water was a refreshing swim. Then, we got back in the water for showers.  Well, a sea shower of course. After drying off, we heard a rip!  Oh!  Missy’s hammock ripped. The afternoon was full of laughs and cards.  Burritos for dinner and a boat meeting to end the day.  Sail Caribbean is styling!

Today we did a good job of:  cleaning and laughs


We are experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment, but watch this space for photographs!!!