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Grace Fogarty


Grace is entering the final year of her Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. At St Andrews, Grace works with the Scottish Oceans Institute to study dolphin acoustics and has become passionate about utilizing bioacoustics for marine mammal conservation as a result. She is fortunate to have had a wide range of marine fieldwork experience, from studying wild stingrays in the Bahamas, and coral reefs in Madagascar, to seagrass communities in the coastal estuaries of Long Island, New York. Grace enjoys being in the water whenever she can, with her favorite activity being SCUBA diving, and hopes to turn her passion and experience into a career in research. Grace’s love for the ocean and marine activities stemmed from her upbringing on the North Shore of Long Island and her time as a student at the Island School on Cape Eleuthera. Grace has worked as a counselor at a sleep away camp in the Berkshires for four summers and is excited to combine her enthusiasm for mentoring future leaders and love for the ocean this summer with Sail Caribbean!

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