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Janaye Desmond

Marine Science Coordinator

Janaye will be returning to Sail Caribbean for her second year! She is a dedicated surfer and
marine scientist, calls New South Wales, Australia, her home. Being fortunate enough to grow up
just 400 meters from the ocean, her connection to the sea runs deep and has shaped her life’s
path. Her love for the ocean led her to pursue a degree in marine science at University of
Newcastle. Throughout her studies, she immersed herself in various aspects of marine research,
gaining a comprehensive understanding of the intricate ecosystems that thrive beneath the waves.
Driven by her passion for the ocean, she sought opportunities to contribute to marine
conservation efforts. She found herself working for Take3fortheSea, a renowned organization
dedicated to reducing plastic pollution in the marine environment. As a part of their team,
actively participated in campaigns, organizing beach clean-ups, and raising awareness about the
detrimental effects of plastic waste on marine life. With unwavering passion and dedication, she
strives to create a lasting impact on marine conservation, inspiring individuals and communities
to take action and protect the ocean for future generations.

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