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Margo Donohue


Margo is a rising junior at Brown University pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies on the
Inequality track. Inspired by her home community on the Jersey Shore, she grew up passionate
about outlining solutions to support communities disproportionately impacted by climate change
following Hurricane Sandy. Her primary focus is small island developing states. As a Sail
Caribbean alum, Margo loves giving back to the program! She works to creatively integrate her
interests by encouraging students to “go beyond the boat” and learn from locals while reflecting
on their own positionality and personal impacts. Margo has been snorkeling since seven years
old, has visited multiple sea turtle rehabilitation facilities, and loves to talk about the
political and economic state of the world. In her free time, Margo loves to play hockey,
lacrosse, and the violin. By the end of program, she hopes that each student walks away with a
greater mindfulness for environmental stewardship, not too much sunburn, and a greater
appreciation for the responsibilities of sailing and boat living.

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