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Tiernan O’Kane

Tiernan, a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a rising junior pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts. His sailing journey commenced at the age of eight, navigating sunfish, progressing to 420s in high school, and presently sailing FJs at the collegiate level. With three years of experience as a sailing instructor and a newfound interest in keelboat racing, Tiernan brings both skill and enthusiasm to the table. Beyond sailing, Tiernan enjoys exploration, recently spending semesters in Minnesota, USA, and Cork, Ireland. Alongside his maritime pursuits, Tiernan enjoys fencing, staying active through exercise, and participating in various engineering clubs at university. Tiernan eagerly anticipates connecting with his students and exploring the Caribbean’s waters, drawing inspiration from a Colombian sailor’s saying: “Para todo mal el mar y para todo bien tambiĆ©n” translating to: “From the sea comes everything good and bad” reflecting the profound influence of the sea on both challenges and joys in life.

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