Molly shares her passion for the underwater world through her involvement in ocean conservation projects alongside introducing new scuba divers and free divers to the sacred blue depths.

During 2019, alongside working for PADI at the UK head offices, she was a part of the Shark Trust, educating and raising awareness on Shark Conservation. Previously she has also worked with Temple Reef Foundation in South East India, constructing artificial reefs in the Bay of Bengal, to restore reef areas that have been destroyed by trawling. This, alongside working with locals to develop more sustainable fishing practices, has rebuilt the ecosystem and allowed for the return of whale sharks to the region.

Molly has found that her passion lies in connecting humans with the water to experience its deep calming and healing effects, she combines her love for the underwater world with her desire to help people to overcome mental and physical barriers in order to realize their potential and find their way in the world. Having worked as a secondary school teacher, a social worker and a mental health facilitator in the past, she brings all of these skills and experiences into her water work.

Molly is currently living and practicing in Dahab, Egypt. Whilst back on land she spends her time writing and growing her ocean conservation themed jewelry range.