We love to hear what students (and parents!) have to say about their experience with our teen summer adventure programs.  This year we asked interested students to share their experience creatively.  Jen Sluyk, who attended our Sierra (tropical marine biology) program this summer, feels that this series of photos showcases some of her favorite moments from the trip.  Thanks for sharing, Jen!













The quotes below were posted this summer to our Facebook page.  For more comments directly from the source, be sure to check out our collection of Student and Parent Testimonials.  Thanks to all for the kind words and positive feedback!

Thanks for the amazing summer! Sierra was the best 3 weeks of my life. The crew and the people on the trip made everything worthwhile. I can’t wait till I can come back!   – Brittany
I just wanted to say Thank You for an amazing summer again! Charlie 1 and Sierra 2 were a blast!! I got my Rescue Diver cert. and ended up leaving the BVIs with Master Scuba Diver!! I am sooo happy I came back!   – Emily
Thank you for the summer of my life. i am begging to come back next year!  – Sara
HEYYYYY FOXTROT 3 was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I made so many friends!   – Cat