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Sierra 21-Day

A group of people on a boat.


Day 01

Get acquainted with our beautiful home base at Hodges Creek Marina. Meet your Captain, Mates, and everyone on your program. Have your first boat meeting over delicious chicken, rice, and slaw to set the course for the rest of your adventures to come. Start to unpack and have your first night on board!

A group of people posing for a picture on a boat.

Days 02-05

Before you embark on your first sail as a crew, your Captain will walk you through the boat and give a safety briefing. After a lesson on de-docking, the Skipper of the day will assign positions and get on the helm to lead you and your crew out into the Sir Francis Drake Channel. As soon as the sea breeze hits your face for the first time, you’ll be hooked! You will sail to The Bight at Norman Island. Your first group snorkel will be at The Caves where you will learn about reef fish identification.

Two women paddle boarding in the water near a restaurant.

Days 06-09

By the end of the first week, you and your friends will be working smoothly together like a seasoned crew. Open Water Divers will complete their certifications and have the option to move on to advanced certifications or specialties. Get up close and personal with squid anatomy when you dissect a squid and learn about reef ecosystems.

A man and woman are paddling in a red kayak.

Days 10-13

Learn about turtle ecology and assist our trained instructors in spotting, tagging, and recording data on the endangered turtle species of the BVI. You’ll measure its carapace and look for signs of sickness or predation. By this point, you and your crew will really know your way around a catamaran! Our staff will challenge you to take more responsibility and initiative onboard.

Days 14-17

You and the crew will face your biggest test yet as you approach Challenge Day. As a crew, you’ll take control of the boat and sail to the next destination. Your Captain and Mates are only along for the ride, so you’ll have to rely on each other and make decisions as a team. You’ll be well-rewarded for your efforts when you go ashore at Bitter End Yacht Club.

A group of people scuba diving with a turtle.

Days 18-20

This morning you and your research team will take a short RIB ride over to the Beef Island Cut. Here you will have the chance to kayak through the mangroves and learn about their importance to wildlife. Compare the mangrove environment to the hustle and bustle of Diamond Reef at Marina Cay. Survey the coral there and keep your eyes open for a Hawksbill turtle! Once returning to the boat, you and your crew will cook burrito bowls for dinner.

A group of people petting a turtle on a boat.

Day 21

After a night of celebrating your accomplishments and sharing your final presentations, you’ll exchange fond farewells and airplane letters before parting ways!

A white catamaran sailing in the ocean with mountains in the background.

Sail CaribbeanActivities

Two people in a kayak.


Ready for a little exploring with a friend? With all the beautiful anchorages and coves we visit there’s much to explore by paddle power.

A group of people snorkling in the water.


Meet the creatures below the waves. Swim alongside a friendly sea turtle, join a school of Blue Tang fish, and explore the reefs!

Two people stand up paddle boarding in the water.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Get your footing and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to maneuver with perfect balance. You’ll have terrific views above, as well as below the waves.

A group of people on a water raft.


Our Number 1 watersports toy is nicknamed “Papa”. You’ll be hanging on so tight you won’t even be able to give a thumbs-up.

A man is water skiing.


Once you’re up it’s a thrill every single second, especially if you get airborne. No wonder this is a Sail Caribbean one-handed favorite!

A girl is water skiing on a boat.


Get up, get steady! Then you’ll be zipping back and forth across the wake for a ride you’ll remember.

A group of people on stilts.

Social Events

Dance with Moko-Jumbie stilt walkers at our Fireball Party, win the famous Chili Cookoff, and compete for glory at the SC Olympics.

A man and a woman playing soccer on a beach.

Beach Sports

Team up for a spirited game of volleyball or a fast-paced soccer tournament, then cool off rehearsing a synchronized swim.

A group of people hiking along a trail.


The islands we visit are mountainous. Reaching the best vantage points provides challenges, but the pay offs are breathtaking vistas!

A girl holding a book in the water.

Community Service

Whether your interest is in cultural heritage, marine biology, or environmental conservation, you’ll have opportunities to roll up your sleeves and pitch in!

A woman holding a shell on a boat.

Marine Biology Seminars

Topics include: respect and awareness of marine organisms, coral biology, geologic formation, sharks, invasive species, sea turtles, and the night ocean.

Two girls taking a selfie in a car.

Island Exploration

Hike through a rainforest, travel mountainous hillside roads, learn about the art of glassblowing, visit an organic farm, and discover different cultures.

A group of people on a sailboat.


If you’ve never set foot aboard a 50′ sloop, it’s OK with us – No Experience Necessary! You’ll learn by doing and we’ll be by your side all the way. If you’re already a sailor, build on your knowledge!

A group of scuba divers in the water.


If you choose scuba, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned diver or if you’re taking your very first scuba lesson. You’re in for the ultimate dive experience.


Sail Caribbean offers ten different adventure groups with 30 different sessions in the British Virgin and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. You live aboard a modern 50′ monohull yacht or 45′ catamaran with other teens in your age group and learn to sail. No experience is necessary. Every adventure focuses on an activity, but each offers scuba, marine biology, community service, cultural exchange, watersports, friendships, personal growth and lifelong memories.

Want to compare adventures? Download our 2024 Schedule (PDF)!



Prerequisites: None

This certification is bestowed on any crew member who demonstrates the ability to fully participate in the daily sailing tasks on board and passes a written test proving that they’ve mastered fundamental information on safety, seamanship, navigation and boat handling skills.

Prerequisites: SC Crew

Proving you have an understanding of some of the more advanced sailing theories and demonstrating the ability to participate in sail reefing, timed tacking and jibing, island crossing, advanced navigation, anchoring, docking and de-docking skills along with racing tactics and proper safety techniques will earn you our Bosun certification.

Prerequisites: SC Crew & Bosun

A focus on leadership while underway is the core of this certification. You’ll earn Mate certification if you succeed at assigning crew positions, directing most phases of seamanship and safety drills, demonstrate proper engine, dinghy and equipment use and maintenance, keep an accurate ship’s log and monitor the weather all skills that make you a capable second in command.

marine science

Prerequisites: None

This certification is bestowed on any crew member who demonstrates the ability to fully participate in the daily sailing tasks on board and passes a written test proving that they’ve mastered fundamental information on safety, seamanship, navigation and boat handling skills.


Discover a whole new world beneath the waves!

You will experience the thrill of scuba diving under the close supervision of a qualified PADI Instructor in ideal conditions. Under the palm trees on the beach, we’ll begin with an orientation and skills session – you’ll be introduced to the basic concepts of scuba diving. Next you’ll learn about equipment, basic skills and safety procedures. Afterwards, you’ll practice those important scuba skills in three to five feet of calm, clear water right off the beach. You’ll continue with your first dive experience off that same beach in 20-30 feet of calm water. Once you’re comfortable with the basic skills, one of our custom dive boats will take you to enjoy your first open water dive. It will be no deeper than 30ft, and you’ll be able to explore one of our amazing reefs with your instructor.

The DSD course is available on all of our programs except Charlie. Students will spend 2-3 sessions with our PADI instructors. In the future, if you decide to become certified, these skills and the open water dives may be credited towards your PADI Open Water Diver course.

Prerequisite: Must be Open Water certified or equivalent

Non-certification recreational diving is available as an option on all of our adventures. Ever imagine diving on a coral garden, drifting through a rainbow canyon, or exploring a sunken wreck? You will enjoy recreational diving in the BVI with our own Sail Caribbean Divers Instructors and Divemasters. On Delta in the Leeward Islands, professional dive instructors from each island along with our dive staff take you to gorgeous dive sites. You’ll gain expert knowledge from each local instructor and get the most out of every dive site you visit. You must provide proof of certification from a recognized agency like PADI, NAUI, YMCA, or NASDS.

You may be able to earn multiple dive specialty certifications. The particular specialties offered will depend on the adventure chosen and our diving schedule. You will decide which specialties you’d like to do when you are in the Caribbean.

All below are available on Charlie Advanced Scuba adventures. Availability on other adventures is shown.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Also available on Sierra

Practice techniques for improving buoyancy and decreasing air consumption resulting in better under water control and more enjoyment/preservation of the diving environment. (2 dives)

Project AWARE Dive Against Debris

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Also available on Foxtrot and Sierra

The impact on marine life of garbage dumped in our oceans is one of the biggest issues of our time. You can help by going on a dive with mash bags to collect the debris that

Project AWARE Reef Fish Identification

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Also available on Sierra

Study a variety of fish while observing and identifying markings, shapes, and behavior. (2 dives)

Underwater Naturalist

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Also available on Sierra and Ocean

Explore and identify marine life including vertebrates, invertebrates, and plant life. (2 dives)

Project AWARE Specialist

Prerequisite: None

Familiarize yourself with the plight of worldwide aquatic ecosystems and learn how to protect aquatic resources. (Non-diving specialty)

Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

Prerequisite: None

Also available on Foxtrot

Study the fragile Coral Reef system, and how to preserve it, while observing and identifying markings, shapes, and growth. (Non-diving specialty)

Digital Underwater Photographer

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Learn the PADI SEA (shoot, examine, adjust) method, principals for getting good photos underwater, plus how to edit and share your shots. (2 dives)

Boat Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Develop skills needed to dive safely from a power or sailboat as well as special procedures for diving in areas with boat traffic. (2 dives)

Underwater Navigator

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Hone your underwater navigation skills using a compass, natural navigation techniques, and other navigational tools. (3 dives)

Night Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Explore the intrigue of diving at night while focusing on equipment handling, navigation, nocturnal marine creatures, and day to night contrast. (3 dives)

Search and Recovery Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Advanced or equivalent

Practice search patterns, effective search techniques in various conditions, and raising heavy objects using lifting devices. (4 dives)

Multi-level Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Advanced or equivalent

Apply valuable techniques for extending bottom times using the recreational dive planner (wheel format) and diving computers. (2 dives)

Drift Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent

Learn pertinent safety techniques, how to fine tune your buoyancy and use specialized equipment, as you use the ocean currents and tides as your propulsion. (2 dives)

RMS Rhone Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Advanced or equivalent; 15+ yrs old

The RMS Rhone Diver Specialty, a PADI Distinctive Specialty, is exclusively available at Sail Caribbean. Made famous in the movie, The Deep, this 310-ft cargo ship sank in 1867. She is our most requested dive site and is regularly voted the top wreck dive in the Caribbean.

Enriched Air Diver- Nitrox

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water or equivalent; 15+ yrs old

Learn recreational skills and techniques for diving with different mixes of Oxygen and Nitrogen, for increased bottom time. (2 dives)

Wreck Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Adventure or equivalent; 15+ yrs old

Learn recreational skills and techniques for diving in man-made environments and practice using specialized wreck equipment. (4 dives)

Deep Diver

Prerequisite: PADI Adventure or equivalent; 15+ yrs old

Discover deep dive planning, hazards, special equipment, and extra safety precautions. (4 dives)

Prerequisite: 12+ years of age.

This PADI course is the most popular entry-level dive program in the whole world! Throughout our PADI Open Water Diver course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of safe scuba diving, including dive equipment, techniques, and planning. This certification allows you to rent scuba equipment, obtain tank air fills and also enroll in PADI Continuing Education courses (PADI Adventure Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, or even PADI Specialties).

The PADI Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide. To earn this rating, we’ll introduce you to eLearning:

  • eLearning is an online Open Water course developed by PADI.
  • Non-diving “classroom” lessons are completed at home before your summer program starts.
  • The online course, averaging 6-8 hours to complete, presents the material in an “easy to use” manner and assures that you thoroughly understand the information. You can divide the course into several separate learning sessions to fit your schedule. No pressure — you set your own pace.
  • You can get one-on-one assistance from our professional scuba instructors in the Caribbean — the same instructors that you’ll have during the summer! They are on call by email to answer questions you may have along the way. This is personal attention that might not be available in a larger classroom setting.
  • Parents can oversee the sessions and possibly offer assistance.
  • The greatest advantage is that when you arrive in the Caribbean your time is spent underwater developing the skills required to become a qualified, capable, and safe diver. You’re not in the classroom! The first thing that you do is take a review test to prove that you’re ready to go diving!

During five confined water training dives, your instructor will demonstrate, and then you’ll practice and master, important diving skills. Finally, applying everything you have learned, you will make four open water dives at favorite dive sites around the British Virgin Islands.

For Open Water divers who want to earn the next certification.

Divers who are already certified can go to the next level and improve their skills. You will receive your PADI textbook upon arrival in the islands. During the course you will complete interesting and informative knowledge reviews along with navigation, night and deep dives, plus two other dives of your choice in assorted specialty areas for a total of five dives. After the course, you can use your skills to enjoy recreational dives during the remainder of your adventure.

Dates & Costs

Session Start Date End Date Cost* Days
Sierra 1 06/23/2024 07/13/2024 $7495 21
Sierra 2 07/15/2024 08/04/2024 $7495 21

*The tuition above does not reflect optional insurance, optional courses, and transportation fees.