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About Sail Caribbean

An aerial view of a sailboat sailing in the ocean.
An aerial view of a sailboat sailing in the ocean.


We’re proud to be celebrating our 41st year this summer! Sail Caribbean has been an amazing part of my life over all these years and I feel most fortunate to have been a part of this adventure. What has made Sail Caribbean successful throughout this journey continues today — young adults accepting challenges and responsibilities, and outstanding staff sharing their knowledge and skills — while all are having the time of their lives. Our core values remain strong: respect for one another, respect for the environment, and a belief that together people can achieve great things.

We teach essential life skills as our students navigate through their teenage years: Leadership. Teamwork. Problem-solving. Decision-making. Responding to the unexpected. A tall order? Absolutely. But with a spirited group of teens anxious to spread their wings, and a dedicated staff eager to share their knowledge, I’m proud to say that we do it, and we do it year after year!

For firsthand information, we’re happy to provide a roster of all our recent Sail Caribbean families from your area that have completed one of our trips. Over the years, more than 14,000 students have placed a vote of confidence in our programs, our leadership, and our safety record. We expect and welcome your questions and are whole heartedly committed to providing your family with personal attention.

Thank you for considering Sail Caribbean. We hope to hear from you soon.

Mike Liese

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