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A Typical Day

A group of girls on a boat in the ocean.
A group of girls on a boat in the ocean.

Daily OpportunitiesTo Learn

At Sail Caribbean, no day is alike! With so many activities to enjoy and islands to explore, each day is an opportunity to learn something new. Between diving, hikes, squid dissections, and sailing, you’ll never find a dull moment on your adventure!

Even though each day will unfold differently, here’s a sample schedule of the fun.

7:30 AMRise and Shine! Get ready for the day ahead.
8:00 AMHead to the galley and prep a continental breakfast along with pancakes and eggs for your crewmates!
8:45 AMTime for breakfast cleanup! Begin pre-departure checks for our next sail.
9:15 AMLet’s drop the mooring ball, and begin our sail for the day. Crewmates are assigned different rotations, such as Skipper, Navigator, Mate, or DJ of the Day! Today we head to Scrub Island. Enjoy the Caribbean breeze up on the bridge with your crew while we sail.
11:00 AMHead to the galley for your next meal or snack! For lunch today, enjoy Fajitas fresh off the skillet. Afterward, we will do a deep boat clean while underway.
12:30 PMTime to dock! Together with your crew, you will problem-solve and work as a team to safely dock your vessel. High fives with the feeling of accomplishment all around.
1:15 PMHead over to our 25-foot Colgates for a sailing session around the bay. Snorkeling, watersports, and island exploration consume the early afternoon. If you’re a diver, get ready to join our dive team and head out to see some amazing sites.
4:00 PMEnjoy free time on shore – join your crewmates in the swimming pool, explore local shops or lounge on the beach.
5:30 PMHead back to your boat to begin dinner prep with your crewmates. On tonight’s menu: Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread and locally sourced vegetables. Don’t eat meat? Are you gluten-free or vegan? There are many delicious food options no matter your dietary needs.
7:00 PMTime to clean up a scrumptious meal. Afterward, enjoy the sunset on the bow, and hang out with your crewmates on the trampoline.
7:45 PMReal showers tonight! A night off from ocean showers.
8:30 PMIt’s time to meet with your counselors and crew to discuss tomorrow’s game plan – Challenge Day! Each day after your boat meeting, you will make an entry in your ship’s log.
9:30 PMWind down, read a book, or reflect on another fantastic day in the British Virgin Islands.
10:00 PMPower down, time for bed! Another amazing adventure awaits tomorrow!

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